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Soundproof Windows Reviews

Explore soundproof windows reviews from many of the top manufacturers and on their most popular brands, models and series.

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Amsco Soundproof Windows Reviews

"I've checked out Amsco's Serenity (I assume this is the window you are talking about since its the only one they make for sound attentuation). For my more budget based customers, they are my 2nd choice behind Simonton. They use a Cardinal IG for the glass and argon fills windows, which is a well respected glass maker. They also use Mikron for the vinyl extrudes, again a well repsected extruder according to many industry experts. The construction on the Serenity Series is interesting and..."

Amsco Reviews


">I don't know about the best, but we did go with CitiQuiet and found them to offer some really good quality windows. I think it's more or less impossible to completely soundproof all outside noises, especially if you have thru-the-wall heating and cooling since noise..." Citiquiet Soundproof Reviews

Gorell Soundproof Windows Reviews

"...Gorell is a nationwide design and engineering company, whereas Stanek simply buys parts and assembles their windows, as well as the installation. The Gorell is a better product and they are now owned by Soft-Lite, which has a pretty stellar reputation in the vinyl window market..." Gorell Soundproof Reviews

Indow Soundproof Windows Reviews

"...according to the company, their standard window insert reduces noise by up to 50% from just having a single pane window in your existing opening. Their Acoustic insert reduces outside noise by 70% over just using a single pane window..."

Indow Acoustic Reviews

Milgard Soundproof Windows Reviews

"...we live by a loud street and a few months ago put in the Milgard Quietlines, they have a 45 STC window ratings. They were quite expensive, but worth every dollar because they've made a huge difference in the noise reduction. But now we are dealing with the fact that are walls are thin and we can still hear certain types of trucks or motorcycles go by sometimes. All in all, I thought they are a great purchase and would buy them again if I have the choice..."

Milgard Soundproofing Reviews

Simonton Soundproofing Reviews

"...because we live on the corner, it effects all of the bedrooms windows. My question is this, will a laminated window glass have a big effect on noise? Is it enough to just upgrade the windows to a good quality vinyl replacement? We are looking at the Simonton 5500 series with the Starter 366 glass package..."

Simonton Soundproof Windows Reviews


"...I've been comparing the Stanek double hung to the Gorell Timeless double hung and I'd love to get a good take on how they stack up to one another. They both service my area and I have gotten personal references on both that were very favorable..."

Stanek Reviews


"...I'm pretty sure they don't make a vinyl window with more depth to it, which would provide additional spacing between the panes of glass...."

Soft-Lite Soundproof Reviews