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Laminated Glass

Using a laminated glass is one approach that many homeowners go with to reduce noise and create a more tranquil and peaceful home environment. We'll go through the basics of laminated glass, as well as the pros and cons and prices associated with this glass upgrade.

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Laminated Glass Basics

Laminated glass is somewhat similar to safety glass, which is used on a car windshield. Laminated glass is created by using two panes of glass with a special coating or sheet between them. The result is a strong and durable glass that can withstand impact from objects and debris. When and if the glass does break, it won't shatter and should stay intact. This is especially important for hurricanes because the loss of the glass pane from the window can result in very serious damage to the house.

Pros Of Laminated Glass

On the plus side, a huge number of window manufacturers offer a laminated glass option, which means consumers get tons of options as far as manufacturer, model, brand, color, etc. The second positive to the laminated glass route is increased safety due to the strength and durability of the glass pane. Finally, this option is much less expensive than other soundproof methods with the exception of soundproof plugs. Homeowners can expect an upgrade to laminated glass to run $125 to $150 per window, which makes to comparable in price to inserts.

Pros And Cons

On the minus side, laminated glass will help with the noise, but not as much as people think. Laminated glass is more for the strength it provides to handle debris during storms or a possible thief trying to get in. The best soundproofing technique is to increase the gap size between the two panes of glass, which can only be done at the factory. Soundproof window costs are considerable though. I would bring in 3 soundproof companies or contractors and let them listen to the street sound and have them give you their opinion. If they more or less agree on the right solution, I would go with that.

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