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Soundproof Window Inserts

Soundproof window inserts are stand alone units that are installed either on the exterior or interior of the existing window. The actual insert consists of 2 panes of glass with a thin laminated film between the panes and surrounded by a vinyl, aluminum or wood frame. The inserts works by creating dead airspace between the glass on the existing window and that of the insert. It is this airpsace that effectively reduces the noise by up to 95%. Most inserts use a laminated glass which blocks UV rays and usually improves a home's overall energy efficiency. Inserts are only a viable option if the existing window is in acceptable shape.

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Soundproofing Insert Prices

Inserts are relatively cheap to purchase, $50 to $225 + for the insert itself. Installation should be relatively inexpensive per opening, with an average cost of $50 for professional installation. These can often be a DIY project, which means an installation cost of basically $0) The total cost of soundproof inserts runs $75 to $300 fully installed.The first question homeowners has to answer is whether they can get away with adding an insert to their existing window frame.

This solution is less expensive than replacing the windows completely and can effectively stop much of the noise from entering. Unfortunately, they don't always work that well with your existing frames and are often a less than perfect solution in how they look. There is a huge range of options here, from cheaply made removable inserts you can buy at the big box stores to well made and permanent inserts that are professionally installed and look really nice.

-- Price Range: $75 to $300 installed --

Advantages Of Inserts

Inserts are a cheap alternative to a full soundproof replacement window, perhaps 25% on average of the cost of a full soundproof replacement. This can be a massive savings for 20 or more window openings. Inserts are great for historic homes where stained glass or lead glass is an important original feature that has an impact on the value and integrity of the home. The insert protects the interior window, while maintaining the original look (on the inside) of the home.

Disadvantages Of Inserts

Inserts are rarely custom made to order, instead they come in pre made sizes, which might not fit well in your existing frame. A poor fit will not be nearly as effective in killing sound as a perfectly fitting frame will. In addition, they may not match the look of the existing windows or the home and they can look a bit awkward in the frame. Inserts are not a good long term solution if the existing windows are damaged from water and need to be properly replaced.

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