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Soundproof Replacement Windows

Soundproof replacement windows are essentially high end, well made replacement windows that dampen or deaden exterior noise from entering the home. These window units tend to be quite pricey, although there are some affordable alternatives that won't break the bank.

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How Soundproof Windows Work

The single most important element of a soundproof window is the distance between the two panes of glass (no soundproof window would ever be a single pane and triple pane glass is not necessary unless you really get a good deal). While a standard double pane window may have 0.75" or even 1" of space between the glass panes, soundproof models use 2" to 3" of space - the more space, the better the ability to kill sound. Manufacturers also use different glass thicknesses between the two panes of glass; for instance, one of the panes would be 0.50" thick while the other would be .75" thick. This definitely helps for soundproofing, as well as special glazing, spacers, fills and the quality and strength of the frame extrusions. Most soundproof windows will have an STC rating of 45 or higher.

Mid Range Replacements

Mid range replacements should have a relatively high STC (35 to 45 at this price point) or soundproof rating. However, they might not even be considered soundproofing windows in this range. They will usually be a high end vinyl or fiberglass - pay for the upgraded foam fills to help out a bit with the noise. The glass should be a good quality low-e with some non metallic fills. Make sure the manufacturer has a good reputation for consistency and quality in order to make sure the glazing and seals are good quality.

-- Price Range: $1000 to $1500 fully installed --

High End Replacements

High end replacements should have a higher STC (45 to 54 at this price point) or soundproof rating. The window should be billed and built as a soundproof window for the money you are spending here. They will usually be wood interior with a vinyl, aluminum or fiberglass cladding. They should have an excellent glass package with a 2.5" to 3" distance between the glass panes - this price range might include triple pane glass and certainly top of the line fills and non metallic spacers. It should include laminated glass, which certainly adds to the soundproofing quality, although some homeowners don't like how the glass looks. These higher end options will have lots of bells and whistles including high end metal hardware, installation, frame color and finish options and usually some very nice design upgrades and features.

-- Price Range: $1500 to $2,000 fully installed --


Replacements have some significant advantages over inserts and plugs. The first is the overall look, which is typically much better than these cheaper alternatives. Replacement units can be custom ordered for each opening so the fit and finish should look very nice with the existing openings. Replacements are also much more effective at blocking out noises than inserts and plugs. A well designed and constructed replacement window will last 30 years easily, while inserts and sounproof plugs tend to be more temporary solutions.


These windows tend to be quite bulky and with good reason. In order to have 3" of space between the danes of glass, the window unit itself must be 2" thicker than a standard replacement window. Bulky windows are not the nicest looking (in Europe they use very bulky windows which are not the nicest to look at, but they are sure effective for energy efficiency and quite durable). In addition, they tend to be very expensive, with some top end units running over $1500 for the windows themselves.