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Our soundproof windows calculator and estimator is by no means perfect, but it can provide a broad price range for your soundproofing window project. The three methods of soundproofing your windows - inserts, plugs and replacement windows are very unique, both in terms of the cost of materials but also in the cost for installation.

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Inserts are relatively cheap to purchase, $75 to $200 + for the insert itself. Installation should be relatively inexpensive per opening, with an average cost of $50 for professional installation. These can often be a DIY project, which means an installation cost of basically $0) The total cost of soundproof inserts runs $75 to $300 fully installed.

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Plugs are even less expensive than inserts, often $25 to $50 for the plug itself. Installation is free because the plug is simply placed inside the window frame and can be removed at will or when needed.

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Replacement windows are much more expensive, athough the cost runs the gamut from normal replacement windows with a laminated glass to high end soundproof windows like those offered by Milgard for close to $1500 for the window itself.

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