Soundproof Window Installation


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Soundproof Windows Installation

Soundproof window installation encompasses a huge price range, from $25 for simple inserts to $250 per opening for higher end replacements. We will go through each of the three main soundproofing window options and breakdown the installation methods and prices associated with each.

Soundproof Options
Frame Material
Window Quality
Type Of Installation
Number Of Windows
Zip Code

Soundproof Insert Installation

Soundproof inserts are installed either on the exterior or interior of the existing window and typically consist of 2 panes of glass with a thin laminated film between the panes. The insert is typically screwed into the window frame to provide a rigid barrier of protection for the original window.

-- Insert Installation Cost: $25 to $75 per opening --

Foam Plug Installation

Certain homeowners opt for the removable 2" foam plug that can be inserted into the window frame. These are a temporary solution as the foam plugs can be pulled out or inserted at will. There is no cost associated with the installation of foam plugs, but there are some downsides to this solution that homeowners should be aware of before byuing these plugs.

-- Foam Installation Cost: $0 per opening --

Replacement Installation

Installation on full soundproof window units ranges from $50 to $250 depending on the type of installation and the amount of repair work that is required. A simple pocket replacement starts at $50 per opening, while standard replacement installation runs on average $125 per opening. Full frame replacement that requires new jams and sills can run upwards of $250 per opening. The average installation cost is $125 per opening.

-- Replacement Installation Cost: $50 to $250 per opening --

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