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Soundproof Window Manufacturers

There are a numerous soundproof window manufacturers that offer a variety of replacement options at a whole range of cost and price points. We will go through some of the more popular manufacturers and share what information we were able to find.

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Amsco Serenity Series

The Serenity Series is a billed as a sound control window and gets pretty decent reviews (Amsco in general gets relatively poor reviews). It is basically like buying two windows for the price of one - is has an extra sash and glass. Some of the features include a box style spacer, insulated glazing from Cardinal (a respected glass company in the industry) and a double seal (not a durometer seal). It utilizes a somewhat unique design that does not include the PVB interlayer. One of the big knocks on Amsco is their lack of a labor warranty from the company itself - this places the burden on the distributor who often offers only a 1 year labor warranty. This is one of the cheapest options but there is probably little recource for the buyer if something goes wrong with the window down the road.

Target Installed Price: $550

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Simonton StormBreaker Plus

Not technically a soundcontrol window at all, the StormBreaker Plus is a heavy duty storm window that uses laminated glass and built Simonton tough.We found some mixed reviews on the extent to which the windows effectively block the noise, but it might just be a two in one solution if you live in hurrican country. It may not be available in all parts of the country.

Target Installed Price: $700

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The CitiQuiet sound control window offers lots of customization, including numerous glass thickness options. We found little additional information or reviews on this window so you may want to visit the website for more.

Target Installed Price: $250

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Cityproof Windows is one of the 3 main soundproofing companies in New York City, along with Soundproof Windows and Citiquiet. All three of these companies sell soundproof insert windows that work with your existing windows to create a sizable space between the insert and the existing window that deadens much of the exterior noise from getting in. Cityproof and Citiquiet tend to run roughly the same price for their interior soundproof inserts.

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Milgard Quiet Line Series

Milgard offers a sound control window called Quiet Line, which is a triple pane vinyl window that gets excellent reviews and offers an STC rating of 45 + (depending on the glass package you select). The window also uses laminated glass, which helps strengthen the window, reduce UV rays and reduce noise. The window is bulky, but not exactly bad looking and certainly gets the job done. The real downside on the Quiet Line is the price tag; expect to pay something around $1500 per window installed.

Target Installed Price: $1500

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