CityProof Soundproof Windows Reviews


CityProof Soundproof Windows Reviews

Explore CityProof soundproof windows reviews from contractors, industry experts and homeowners alike on their soundproof inserts.

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Cityproof Windows Reviews

After doing lots of research, I finally went with CityProof for my NYC apartment. It was close between them and Citiquiet, but felt like Citiquiet was touting how effective their solution was over the other guys a little too strongly, all at a lower price. I was skeptical and worried that they were overpromising. My Cityproof windows have been really great so far.

Bill - Homeowner - from 2014

Cityproof or Citiquiet

I've got price estimates from both Cityproof and Citiquiet, but I think I'll probably go with Cityproof. I was wonderingif anyone knows whether there's is a big difference b/n 3/4" glass and 9/16" glass? Also, I'm wondering whether I should go with the ultra-clear laminated glass, which is about 15% more or if the normal laminated glass is sufficient. I thought the the normal option had a bit of a greenish tint to it so I'm curious how that compares to the Ultra Clear.

Ned - Homeowner - from 2013

Cityproof vs Citiquiet

I live in East Village where it's loud and I really need to get some soundproof windows very soon. I haven't done much in terms of research, but the companies that always seem to come up in Google searches are Citiquiet and Cityproof. I was wondering what other peoples experiences have been with these two?

Dennis - Homeowner - from 2012

[Homeowner Reply]

Hey Dennis, I about midway through the process and this is what I found. I had a quote from Citiquiet and the guy who came out was very helpful as far as, not pushy and he seemed to be pretty knowledgable as to how to deal with my windows, which are not square I guess the term is. However, there was quite a long lead time for the order, almost 2 full months. Besides this, I was happy though.

Harris - Homeowner - from 2012

Cityproof Soundproof Windows

I live in a condo complex that is close to a highway and the noise can be bad during the daytime. We're looking at 3 different companies, Citiquiet, Cityproof and Soundproof Windows. The Cityproof option looks to be the most expensive, but also probably the highest in quality. According to their sales guy, the thicker the window glass, the better the sound reduction. Thier 1/2" glass is almost a third more than the standard 1/4" glass, so my question is is this worth it?

According to Soundproof Windows, which are the least expensive option, the glass thickness does not have a huge effect on sound reduction. They say that the most important factor in the air space between the glass. I can't figure out which is correct.

Sal - Consumer - from 2012

[Homeowner Reply]

My experience has been that 1/4" glass is fine. I think it would be better to have the thicker glass, but I'm not sure it's worth the extra cost. Especially if you consider that sound can get in your condo from a number of places besides your windows - walls, vent ducts. I say go with the cheaper option in one room if possible and see if it solves the problem. If it doesn't go with the thicker glass everywhere else.

Soundproof windows is correct that the air gap between your panes is the most important factor for sound attenuation. Glass thickness is next, it's important to vary the glass thicknesses between the panes so maybe thats a solution, 1/2" outside and 1/4" inside.

Ray - Installer - from 2012

Cityproof Windows Cost

I live in a complex near a corner light and cars are always braking, honking, it's very nerve rattling. I've looked into both Cityproof and Citiquiet, and from what I can tell, they seem to have very similar products, essentially interior storm windows which go inside of your existing windows and help to lower the amount of noise that enters. Each company offers 3 levels of sound reducing windows, though I'm not sure what the differences between these models. I believe glass thickness? I decided to go with Citiquiet, only because a friend of mine recommended them. Each window cost $1,100 - huge double-hungs. The shipping time was supposed to be 5 weeks but it took closer to 8. The windows work better than I'd hoped for. I barely even notice squeaky brakes any longer. I was pleasantly surprised how it all works, seriously the best money I ever spent.

Joy - Consumer - from 2012

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