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Soundproof Window Options

There are several soundproofing window options that we will go through, including inserts, plugs and replacement windows. We well explain each of the three main approaches and tell you the basics about each as well as the pros and cons of each.

Soundproof Options
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Soundproof Inserts

Soundproof window inserts are stand alone units that are installed either on the exterior or interior a few inches from the existing window. The actual insert consists of 2 panes of glass with a thin laminated film between the panes and surrounded by a vinyl, aluminum or wood frame. The inserts works by creating dead airspace between the glass on the existing window and that of the insert. It is this airpsace that effectively reduces the noise by up to 95%. Most inserts use a laminated glass which blocks UV rays and usually improves a home's overall energy efficiency.

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Soundproof Window Plugs

An alternative approach for soundproofing is a removable 2" foam plug (set insides a box frame) that can be inserted into the window frame. The plug is inserted so that the the foam faces outward. These are a temporary solution as the foam plugs can be pulled out or inserted at will.

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Soundproof Curtains

Soundproofing curtains consist of an interior and exterior panel made from a microfiber, suede, quilted fiberglass, velour or a velvet material. In between these two panels is an interior layer of mass loaded vinyl sheeting that acts as the main noise dampener to reuce sound from entering. Typically, these acoustic curtains can achieve and STC rating of anywhere between 25 and 34. By way of comparison, a single pane window typically has an STC rating of around 25 to 30.

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Replacement Soundproof Windows

Soundproof replacement are effectively well made replacement windows - the existing window is removed, along with any damaged sills or jambs that need to be replaced. The jambs and/or sills are replaced (if necessary) and the new replacement window is intserted into the existing opening. It is shimmed and level to make sure the new window is square and plumb inside the opening.

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Laminated Glass

Using a laminated glass is one approach that many homeowners go with to reduce noise and create a more tranquil and peaceful home environment. We'll go through the basics of laminated glass, as well as the pros and cons and prices associated with this glass upgrade.

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Glass Pane Options

The majority of soundproof windows are going to be double pane. However, there are a much smaller number that are either single pane or triple pane. Single pane inserts will typically work with the existing window, while triple pane windows will be full replacements, like many of the double pane examples.

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