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Double Pane Windows Soundproof

For the most part, soundproof windows are all double paned. However, in a small number of cases, soundproof windows may be also triple paned as well. The reason that most soundproof windows are double pane is because you really only need two panes of glass to properly attenuate the majority of exterior noise from entering a home.

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Double Paned Window Basics

Double pane windows are, simply put, windows that have two panes of glass as part of the insulated glass unit or IGU. This is one of the main developments or advancements in home window technology from the traditional single pane windows of several decades ago. Double pane windows incorporate a number of features that allow for a much more energy efficient window and one that is more effective at reducing the amount of sound that enters a home. These features include the two panes of glass, a non-metallic spacer, gas fills between the panes, and more effective frames that often use vinyl and composite materials.

Soundproofing Window Features

The two main parts of the window that help with soundproofing include varying the thickness from the inside to the outside glass pane. For instance, a double pane soundproof window may use a .5" glass pane on the outside and a .75" window pane on the inside. The different thicknesses of glass will kill different sound waves as they enter through the two panes of glass.

The other very important part of soundproof windows, perhaps the most important part, is the amount of space between the panes of glass. A normal replacement window may have a gap of 1" to 1.5" in width. A soundproof window, on the other hand, should have a 2" to 3" space gap between the inside and outside panes of glass. This space is one of the most effective ways to kill sound as it tries to enter from the outside to the inside of the home.

Double Pane Soundproof Window Costs

Because soundproof windows are almost always double paned, the costs that we will quote here are nearly identical to the cost of a normal soundproof window. In general, consumers can expect to pay $50 to $70 per square foot for a soundproof window itself. Consumers can expect to pay anywhere from $50 to $150 for a standard replacement window installation.

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Popular Manufacturers

Popular soundproof window manufacturers include:

Stanek Soundproof Window
Milgard QuietLine
Simonton StromBreaker
Indow Acoustic Windows

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