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Sound Proof Glass Prices

Get the 411 on sound proof glass prices that are often used to help with noise attentuation on home windows. Get upgraded pricing on laminated, tempered and triple pane glass options.

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Laminated Glass Prices

Laminated glass can have a nice effect on reducing noise - laminated glass options use offset thicknesses for the two glass panes. So you might have a 0.25" and a 0.375" pane thicknesses. Laminated glass also makes the window much more shatter resistance (good for storms and security) and blocks nearly all UV rays from entering the home (low-e glass blocks roughly 85%). Laminated glass will increase the price by about $125 per window (average price on a standard size unit).

-- Upgrade Cost: $100 to $150 per window --

Tempered Glass Prices

Tempered glass is often called safety glass - it is the same material used on car side windshields (but not the main windshield which is a laminated tempered glass) so it is very strong - several times stronger than laminated glass. It doesn't necesarily have the same flex as laminated glass and costs considerabley less than the laminated option.

-- Upgrade Cost: $50 to $75 per window --

Triple Pane Glass Prices

Triple pane glass is one method of soundproofing your windows that can have a pretty dramatic effect if the gap between the panes is large enough. There are two methods for creating triple pane windows and one of them does not involve the bigger gap between panes and would therefore have a much reduced effect on soundproofing or noise attentuation. In general, the cost to upgrade from a double pane to triple pane window is $75 to $125 per window. There may be a slight increase in the cost of installation but it should be minimal.

-- Upgrade Cost: $75 to $125 per window --

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