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Read 3 Milgard soundproof windows reviews from homeowners and contractors who have used their windows in the past.

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Milgard QuietLine vs Tuscany Triple Pane

We're looking at the QuietLine from Milgard, but I can't seem to find many homeowner reviews. They have an STC rating of 43, a triple pane and from what we could find out, they do not come as a door, only as a window. They look pretty amazing, but they are soooo expensive. The only reason why we are considering the Quietline is that they qualify for the 30% federal tax credit. More on soundproof windows cost.

The other option is the Milgard Tuscany in a triple pane, which would still be much less expensive. I'm curious how these work as a sound control window though. I really don't know much about them so any advice would be great.

Mary - Homeowner - from 2011

[Contractor Response]

The QuiteLine and Tuscany windows are very different and should not be confused with one another. The Tuscany triple pane option does not even compare to the QuietLine "triple" pane glass. Have you compared these two in person? The Quietline is almost like two windows in one and is priced out like two as well - but it is the best noise control window on the market in my opinion.

The Tuscany is a mid range vinyl replacement window that will work fine for most homes, but it isn't a noise control window. Instead of the triple pane option, you may want to consider upgrading to laminate glass, which will have more of a noise reduction effect than the triple pane. However, even laminate glass, which add add $100 to $150 per window, is only going to get you so far. Good luck!

John - Contractor - from 2010

Milgard Quiet Line STC

We live by a loud street and a few months ago put in the Milgard Quietlines, they have a 45 STC window rating. They were quite expensive, but worth every dollar because they've made a huge difference in the noise reduction. But now we are dealing with the fact that are walls are thin and we can still hear certain types of trucks or motorcycles go by sometimes. All in all, I thought they are a great purchase and would buy them again if I have the choice.

Bradley - Homeowner - from 2011

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