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Soundproof Window Plugs

Soundproof window plugs are a very cost effective approach to soundproofing a room using a removable 2" foam plug. The foam piece is inserted into the window frame, fitting nice and snug into the opening. Once inserted, the foam plug blocks quite a bit of the exterior noise and sound from entering through the window frame. Foam plugs are a temporary solution that are ideal for a small number of situations, but not such a great long term solution for most homeowners compared to soundproofing inserts or full replacement windows.

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Soundproofing Foam Plug Prices

Soundproofing plugs can be purchased at home improvement stores or online by doing a searcch for "soundproof foam plugs." They typically cost $25 to $75 depending on the size, shape and density of the foam. There is no cost associated with the installation of foam plugs, but there are some downsides to this solution that homeowners should be aware of before purchasing.

-- Price Range: $25 to $75 installed --


The number one advantage to this approach. First and foremost, it is by far the cheapest soundproofing option out there (compare soundproof window prices here) and can save you many thousands of dollars compare with buying high end replacements. The second advantage is the plugs block out much of the light into a room, which can be a nice feature during nighttime, especially in urban areas with lots of light. Finally, the plugs can be taken out easily and quickly during the day as needed.


Foam plugs are temporary and they block much of the sunlight into a room, which may be a negative for many homeowners. They can be removed during the day, but this also means a return to the previous level of exterior noise, which is problematic for social events, working around the house etc. Finally, most homeowners think a big hunk of foam blocking the window opening is unattractive and takes away from the overall interior aesthetics of a home. The bottom line is that foam plugs are a temporary solution, but usually not a permanent one.

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