Best Soundproof Windows


Best Soundproof Windows

Explore our picks and suggestions for the best soundproof windows on the market today - we've choosen 3 models (so far) that are all in very different price ranges to accomodate all budgets.

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Milgard Quiet Line Windows

The Milgard Quiet Line window is a beast, and an expensive one at that. A standard to slightly larger opening, perhaps 38" W x 58" H will easily run $1500 for the window itself. The Quietline is like having 2 windows in 1 frame, that is how thick it is. We think the Milgard QuietLine is definitely the best soundproof window on the market.

The Quiet Line is a triple pane vinyl window that gets excellent reviews and offers an STC rating of 45 + (depending on the glass package you select). The window also uses laminated glass, which helps strengthen the window, reduce UV rays and reduce noise. The window is bulky, but not exactly bad looking and certainly gets the job done. The real downside on the Quiet Line is the price tag.

Milgard has a stronger presence on the West Coast than the East Coast so finding a rep in your area might be a challenge. Some areas of our network are serviced by them and you can find free bids using our service and instantly see whether Milgard is one of the sponsored companies in your specific zip code.

Amsco Serenity Windows

The Amsco Serenity Series is a billed as a sound control window and gets pretty decent reviews (Amsco in general gets relatively poor reviews). It is basically like buying two windows for the price of one - is has an extra sash and glass. Some of the features include a box style spacer, insulated glazing from Cardinal (a respected glass company in the industry) and a double seal (not a durometer seal). It utilizes a somewhat unique design that does not include the PVB interlayer.

One of the big knocks on Amsco is their lack of a labor warranty from the company itself - this places the burden on the distributor who often offers only a 1 year labor warranty. This is one of the cheapest options but there is probably little recource for the buyer if something goes wrong with the window down the road.

Indow Soundproof Inserts

Indow windows has comes up with a pretty interesting take on "storm window" or inserts. Instead of a hard, unflexible frame, they use a compression tubing on the outside that form fits to any opening. They get the exact measurements by laser shooting each opening and then custom making the inserts for that particular sized opening. This is a great feature for older homes especially, where the openings might not be completely square (insuring a much better fit.) Once the insert is placed snugly into the opening, it is virtually unnoticeable as an insert - it looks like its part of the window unit.

According to Indow, their standard window insert reduces noise by up to 50% from just having a single pane window in your existing opening. Their Acoustic insert reduces outside noise by 70% over just using a single pane window (again this is the company's claim). This claim is probably true given the fact that the more space between panes, the more sound control you will get. In fact, this is the most effective way to increase the noise reduction and the space between the window panes should be adequate with the Acoustic insert.