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Amsco Soundproof Windows Reviews

Read 4 Amsco soundproof windows reviews from homeowners and contractors who understand the issues and can recommend models and brands.

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Amsco Sound Control Windows

I need energy efficient windows that also blocks sound and found that Amsco makes a sound control window that is well priced. It has a good U-factor, a high STC rating, low SHGC and comes in a low-e glass option. My question is are these good windows or should I go with a more established and bigger company.

Debbi - Homeowner - from 2010

[Contractor Response]

I've checked out Amsco's Serenity (I assume this is the window you are talking about since its the only one they make for sound attenuation). For my more budget based customers, they are my 2nd choice behind Simonton. They use a Cardinal IG for the glass and argon fills windows, which is a well respected glass maker. They also use Mikron for the vinyl extrudes, again a well respected extruder according to many industry experts. The construction on the Serenity Series is interesting and what I mean by that is they don't use a PVB interlayer on the glass, which I thought was an interesting take. Overall, I well made sound control window that is one of the least expensive you are going to find.

As far as a direct comparison with Simonton, I'm not a fan of the glazing bead that Amsco uses on the IGU (it's thin and nowhere near as solid and rigid as the one that Simonton uses). The durometer seal is not the same quality as the Simonton option as well. So I would recommend Simonton over the Amsco in terms of product, but also for the warranty issue. Amsco always gets knocked for having low prices but bad warranty or no warranty on the product itself (you would have to rely on the installer's warranty if something goes wrong).

Tony - Contractor - from 2010

[2nd Contractor Response]

I agree with Tony on this, Amsco has basically no warranty. They drop their prices to get the customer in the door so to speak, but the Amsco dealer in your local area is solely responsible for any service or warranty issues in the future. This would be fine if they came right out and said it and then it would be buyer beware. Most of the dealers offer 1 year warranty on the product/install and simply tell their customers its a lifetime warranty. We used to sell Amsco but no longer because of all the headaches with labor costs. In the long term, it wasn't worth our time to carry the brand.

Here in Southern California, reputable manufacturers provide lifetime labor warranties to the homeowner. Good Lifetime labor warranties are offered from Simonton, Anlin and Milgard and includes a lifetime tempered glass breakage. However, these companies (with the exception of Milgard) don't offer sound control windows. The Milgard is probably 2x the cost of the Serenity so this might not be an option.

Rand - Window Seller - from 2010

[Initial Homeowner Response]

I'm going to order two Amsco windows and just see what I think of them before I update the entire home. I have to say the window itself was awesome. I took a look at the warranty and it doesn't compare to the Simononton. The Simonton option looked very durable, but I think the Amsco is going to fit my needs for the time being.

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