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Soundproof Windows Yourself

How do you do soundproof windows yourself? Assuming you aren't opting for full replacement windows, there are some do it yourself options, including soundproof curtains, inserts and plugs.

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Soundproof Inserts

When it comes to doing soundproofing windows yourself, many homeowners could certainly install noise reduction inserts from Indow windows. Instead of a hard, unflexible frame, these use a compression tubing on the outside that form fits to any opening. They get the exact measurements by laser shooting each opening and then custom making the inserts for that particular sized opening. Once the insert is placed snugly into the opening, it is virtually unnoticeable as an insert - it looks like its part of the window unit.

Installation shouldn't be too difficult for someone who is relatively handy around the house. The first couple might take some doing (probably best to tackle as a two person team), but once you get the hang of it, the inserts should go up without too much trouble. The Indow website has some good videos that show how to "install" the insert into the frame.

Soundproof Curtains

Soundproofing curtains are certainly a soundproof windows do it yourself project. With soundproof curtains, the interior and exterior panels of the curtains are made from a microfiber, suede, quilted fiberglass, velour or a velvet material. In between these two panels is an interior layer of mass loaded vinyl sheeting that acts as the main noise dampener to reduce sound from entering. Typically, these acoustic curtains can achieve an STC rating of anywhere between 25 and 34. By way of comparison, a single pane window typically has an STC rating of around 25 to 30. So the curtains work in conjunction with your existing windows to create an additional noise barrier.

Installation is relatively straight forward. The curtains can be hung just as you would a normal curtain, although the soundproof variety do require more durable hardware because of the increased weight.

Soundproof Plugs

Foam plugs are certainly a candidate for doing soundproof windows yourself - These are removable 2" foam plugs that are inserted into the window frame, fitting nice and snug into the opening. Once inserted, the foam plug blocks quite a bit of the exterior noise and sound from entering through the window frame. Foam plugs are a temporary solution that are ideal for a small number of situations, but not such a great long term solution for most homeowners compared to inserts or full replacement windows.

Installation is quite simple, you simply snug in the plug into the opening and you cut down on both the sound and light into a room.

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