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Gorell Soundproof Windows Reviews

Read 2 Gorell soundproof windows reviews from homeowners and contractors who have used their windows in the past. Unfortunately, Gorell is no longer manufacturing windows. The company was purchased in 2012 by Soft-Lite, which acquired its assets but no longer makes Gorell windows.

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Gorell vs Stanex

I've been comparing the Stanek double hung to the Gorell Timeless double hung and I'd love to get a good take on how they stack up to one another. They both service my area and I have gotten personal references on both that were very favorable.

[Contractor Response]

Both companies make a good product, although Gorell is a nationwide design and engineering company, whereas Stanek simply buys parts and assembles their windows, as well as the installation. The Gorell is a better product and they are now owned by Soft-Lite, which has a pretty stellar reputation in the vinyl window market. The Timeless is a nice window that uses a slim frame that helps maximize glass area. Gorell also offers some nice glass packages and options.

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