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Soundproof Windows Cost

Soundproof windows cost anywhere from $125 for simple inserts with professional installation to $1500 for installed high end replacements. This massive difference in price is determined largely by the type of soundproofing method you opt for; inserts, foam plugs or actual replacement windows. Additional factors include the window manufacturer you use, the overall size of the window, the thickness and glazing of the glass and how complex the actual installation. Find a whole host of prices on sound control window options.

Soundproof Windows Cost Basics

Soundproof windows work to a large extent by creating a larger space between the panes of glass over a standard window - typically 2" to 3" in distance from one another. This additional airspace kills much of the noise that would pass through a normal window. Soundproof replacement windows will also typically use thicker glass panes, often either a .50" or .75" thick (although the effect of thicker glass is often overhyped by soundproofing companies). Finally, high end seals and glazing is used to insure the replacements work as optimally as possible.

Soundproof windowscan reduce up to 95% of the noise that enters a home. They can also reduce up to 50% of the BTU loss of a standard double pane glass and up to 75% over a single pane glass. Soundproofing solutions that use a laminated glass also have the added effect of greatly reducing UV rays from entering the home.

Insert Or Plug Soundproof Windows Cost

The first question homeowners has to answer is whether they can get away with simply adding an insert frame or a foam plug to their existing window frame. These are less expensive and non-permanent solutions that can effectively stop much of the noise from entering. Unfortunately, they don't always work that well with your existing frames and are often a less than perfect solution in how they look.

Price Range: $125 to $350 installed

Mid Range Soundproof Windows Cost

If homeowners opt for replacement windows, they will have to make the decision whether they want a mid range or high end solution. Mid range solutions will typically just be a lower end window. So this means a vinyl or lower end aluminum or fiberglass frame, a .50" thick glass, less bells and whistles for the features or style of window,

Price Range: $500 to $750 installed

High End Soundproof Windows Cost

High end replacements will most likely be a wood clad window that uses a real wood interior and a fiberglass, vinyl or aluminum exterior cladding. The window would probably use a thicker glass like a 0.75" and might be a triple pane glass (although a well consturcted double pane glass should be adequate for most situations). This price point might include a laminated glass, which certainly adds to the overall cost but some homeowners don't like how they look. Higher end options will have lots of bells and whistles including high end metal hardware, frame color and finish options and usually some very nice design upgrades and features.

Price Range: $750 to $1500 installed

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