Soundproof Windows Costs And Prices


Soundproof Windows Cost & Pricing

Soundproof windows cost anywhere from $125 for simple inserts to $1500 for high end replacements. This is obviously a huge difference in terms of the per window cost and is largely based on the soundproof window option that you use. The three most popular options include inserts, foam plugs and full replacement windows.

Additional price factors include the manufacturer you use, the overall size of the window, the thickness and glazing of the glass and the installation requirements.

Do you have a question about soundproof window costs, brands, features, warranties, or options? Ask our site editors your questions and get the answers you need to make the best choice for your soundproof window project.

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Soundproofing Basics

Soundproof windows work to a large extent by creating more space between the panes of window glass. This additional airspace kills much of the noise that would pass through a normal window. Soundproofing methods also rely on using thicker glass panes, often either a .50" or .75" thickness, as well as varying the thickness between the inner and outer panes. (Check out our page on sound proof glass price for laminated glass prices.) Finally, high end seals and glazing are used to insure the window is deadening as much sound as possible.

More On Soundproofing Basics

Storm Window Inserts

Inserts, which are often called storm windows, are less expensive than replacing your windows completely and can effectively stop much of the noise from entering the home. Unfortunately, soundproof window inserts don't always make for a perfect fit within your existing frame and are can sometimes look out of place or unattractive, depending on the shape and size of the window opening.

Window Box Plugs

One solution that is very easy and inexpensive is to buy dense soundproof foam plugs that are placed inside the existing frame during the nighttime. You may have to buy several, depending on the number of windows in a particular room, etc. The foam plug dampens outside noises, as well as blocks out any light from entering. There are some pretty big downsides to the foam plugs, which consumers should be aware of before going ahead with this approach.

Mid Range Soundproof Windows Cost

If homeowners opt to replace their existing windows completely, they will have to make the decision whether they want a mid range or high end solution. Mid range solutions should be a better window than what you have now, although it might not have to be a soundproof window per se. (Check out our soundproof windows calculator for project costs and quotes.) For instance, some homeowners opt for a standard vinyl window with one or two upgrades such as laminated glass.

High End Soundproof Windows Cost

High end soundproof replacement windows will most likely be a wood clad window that uses a real wood interior and a fiberglass, vinyl or aluminum exterior cladding. The window would be considerably deeper than a typical replacement, allowing 3" of space between the panes of glass. It will use thicker panes of glass (probably 0.75" thick) and might even be a triple pane glass (although a well constructed double pane window should be adequate for most situations).

Soundproofing Window Reviews

Check out all of our soundproof windows reviews from installers, contractors and consumers on many of the most popular brands and models. Get homeowner opinions on the best methods and options for a whole host of situations and circumstances.

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ProVia Endure Vinyl STC Numbers

Dear Don: I have been quoted that the ProVia Endure Vinyl Dissimilar Double Pane Glass window has a STC rating of 34-36 while the ProVia Endure Laminated PVB Double Pane Glass window has a STC of "about" 35. Do you still believe that the Laminated window would be best for noise reduction even though the STC numbers for both are so close? The ProVia Endure window seems to have the highest STC rating which I can find available here in Minnesota.

I appreciate your time in helping me pick a good noise reduction window replacement for my home. It can be so overwhelming.

JL - Homeowner - from 2019

[Site Editor's Answer]

JL, if the STC is the same for both window set ups, I would go with the non laminate option and save myself the $3000. The laminate option makes for a much stronger glass, but that doesn't serve your purpose in terms of soundproofing qualities.

Don - Site Editor - from 2019

Amerimax Soundproof Windows

Hi Dane, I live in Denver Colorado and I'm looking to replace my amerimax windows which I've had for 20 years. I've enjoyed the windows found them energy efficient but not as soundproof as I would like. Can you recommend a window that is nearly soundproof? Thanks in advance.

Cindy - Homeowner - from 2019

[Site Editor's Answer]

Cindy, most double pane windows are not going to be completely soundproof (no window is completely soundproof). New Amerimax windows should be more soundproof than your previous ones with the improvement in technology over the past 20 years. However, no normal double pane window is going to block all of the sound.

Soundproof windows can be quite pricey, the Milgard Quietline is a great soundproof window that proves this point. Other soundproof windows include the Amsco Serenity, and the Harvey Acoustic.

If you aren't opening the windows often, you could consider the Indow Acoustic Window, which fits over each opening on the outside.

The biggest factor in soundproof windows is the gap between the two panes of glass. Most standard double pane windows have a pretty standard gap difference. You could also see if you can custom order a double pane window with two different glass thickness, 7/8" and 1" for instance. This will help to filter out certain noise frequencies.

Don - Site Editor - from 2017

Soundproof Window Suggestions

Do you have a recommendation for a sound proof window that is in the middle of the road? The Milgard is too pricy but I would pay more for something that decent noise control.

Melissa - Homeowner - from 2017

[Site Editor's Answer]

Melissa, in terms of soundproof windows, here are a few suggestions at the bottom from one of out sister sites?

If you get a well made double pane vinyl window, it should serve for many soundproofing needs though. Of course, this is completely dependent on your situation. If you live near a loud noisy street, then you might need something more robust. The Milgard is the Rolls Royce of soundproof windows and is out of most people's price range ? certainly mine :)

The real key to soundproof windows is the amount of space between the panes of glass ? this is where all the sound deadening happens so make a note of how much space is in between in the IGUs when you get your bids (some sales people might not even know this measurement, but ask anyway).

Here are some general recommendations for vinyl windows ? sunrise, soft-lite, okna, kensington, zen, polaris?the top end window model from each one of these might be your best call to maximize the soundproofing qualities.

Don - Site Editor - from 2017

Sound Proof Replacement window And Cost

I live Alpharetta GA and behind a busy street with car and truck noises. What sound proof replacement window do you recommend? I have 21 windows that need to be replaced on the back of my house? What options do I have regarding sound proof replacement window and cost.

Joan - Homeowner - from 2017

[Site Editor's Answer]

Joan, I would recommend going with the following brands. CWS (Custom Window Systems), Champion, Zen, PGT, Simonton. In terms of soundproof windows, PGT and the CWS are going to be at the top of the list, although their windows are more for impact resistance. A well built window should be fairly soundproof, certainly compared to your old single pane aluminum windows. There are soundproof windows that are built specifically for that purpose, but I'm not sure those brands are available in your state. They are quite expensive though and you might get all you need with a good impact window.

Don - Site Editor - from 2017

Norandex Extreme 3009 Windows

Hello, our contractor suggested these widows for our front living room due to our budget. My main concern is sound, do these windows have any type of sound rating, will they at least block most noise from cars driving by? Extreme 3009 double hung repl windows.

Thank you so much for your help.

Mike - Homeowner - from 2017

[Site Editor's Answer]

Mike, the extreme 3000 is a Norandex window, which is known for making a builder grade vinyl window. Not what I'd opt for if I wanted to get the most long term value for my home. I have no idea off hand what the sound rating it for this window, my notion is probably fairly low. In terms of sound, you want a large gap between the two panes -- the space in between the panes is what kills most of the sound.

Stanek makes a good noise control window that is somewhat reasonable in price. Unless you're willing to buy a sound control window (which can be quite pricey), you would be best served by a quality vinyl window. This will cost more more than the Norandex, but should last quite a bit longer and cause less headaches over the years.

Top vinyl window brands include Sunrise, Soft-Lite, Okna, Polaris, Milgard, Alpen, and HiMark. Your contractor may not be able to get his hands on these though. If this is the case, you could always go with a Simonton Impressions series window -- this is their top-of-the-line vinyl offering and a very decent double pane replacement window. This may be all you need to reduce down the exterior sound without breaking the bank.

Don - Site Editor - from 2017

Simonton Soundproof Windows

I am sending this e-mail because my boss heard of the Simonton Windows and is interested in sound proof windows. The house he lives in had new siding and new replacement windows installed two years ago. He heard of the Simonton Windows and is wondering if they are sound proof. Looking forward to hearing back from you. Thank you.

Monica - Homeowner - August, 2016

[Site Editor's Response]

Monica, all windows are soundproof to some extent, as are walls. Poorly insulated walls however are not nearly as soundproof as well insulated walls. The same is true of windows.

In terms of windows, the amount of sound dampening is a function of many components -- distance between the double panes, the glass thickness, the strength of the glass, as well as the depth, construction, and durability of the window frame itself.

Typically, Simonton is known for manufacturing a middle-of-the-road vinyl window, although they sell nearly 20 different window models so the overall quality of the window is going to be based on the models that was installed. Most consumers will get quite a bit of sound dampening simply from buying a good double pane window (in comparison to the 30 year old single pane aluminum windows that were probably there before).

Don - Site Editor - October, 2016

Anlin Del Mar or Milgard Tuscany

We are about to replace 4 windows and 2 sliders. We need sound reduction. What wold you suggest: Anlin Del Mar or Milgard Tuscany (1/8, argon,laminated 1/8+lam+1/8)?All 3 installers are A rated on Angie's List.

Darrell - Homeowner - August, 2016

[Site Editor's Response]

In terms of sound reduction, there won't be much of a difference between the Anlin Del Mar and the Milgard Tuscany. Of course, the strength and thickness of glass, or whether of not it's laminated, will make a difference. These windows are very similar, and I actually don't know offhand whether the distance between the panes differs from one to the other - my notion is that it's equal. This btw is the biggest factor when it comes to soundproofing windows, the gap between the two panes -- the bigger the distance the better. Other factors include having two different glass thicknesses from inner to outer pane, and the overall construction of the window.

I think you are comparing apples to apples. I'd turn my attention to the installers and making sure I found the one that is going to do the best job. You should also talk to them about what glass options would provide you with the best soundproiofing options.

Don - Site Editor - July, 2016

Soundproof Replacement Windows In Chicago

What is my best option for soundproof replacement windows in Chicago? I saw you had some recommendations for Milgard, but they aren't available in my zipcode.

Aaron - Homeowner - August, 2016

[Site Editor's Response]

Aaron, it really depends on what your needs are, whether you need actual soundproof windows or whether you need to replace your existing windows with a good quality double pane vinyl window with a good glass package. For this, I think you need some opinions from local pros.

I like Soft-Lite, Okna and Sunrise vinyl windows and I'm pretty sure that all three of these brands are available in your area. Find a couple of local companies who carry one or more of these brands and get a quote. Then I'd get a quote from this Soundproof Chicago company - I just google "soundproof windows in Chicago" and they came up.

I'm hoping that if you get these three bids that you'll have an idea of cost options, but more importantly, you'll have a better idea of what will serve you best for the price.

I'd love to hear how to works out for you so let us know what you decide!

Don - Site Editor - July, 2016

Anlin vs Milgard Soundproof Windows

Hello! I stumbled on to your site via Google and just wanted to thank you guys for being such a great resource! We just moved to our new place and didn't think the street noise would be so bothersome. The windows also don't do a very good job with keeping the heat out. Anyway, we've been taking some bids to replace all our windows and have narrowed our choices to:

Del Mar by Anlin

Day Lite Max by Simonton

Tuscany by Milgard

Everyone's been giving us mixed reviews on dual pane windows with extra soundproofing. I wanted to get your opinion on which of these windows would do best in helping to reduce noise and whether it's worth the added cost to add sound proofing.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Chris - Homeowner - July, 2016

[Site Editor's Response]

Chris, you have some good selections there. Soundproofing is tricky because it really depends on what noises you are trying to eliminate. It also matters what windows you currently have. In many cases, switching out 50 year old aluminum windows with single pane glass with a solid mid range double pane window (such as the bids you currently have) is enough to sufficiently reduce the noise.

If you live by a busy street or in a busy downtown area, this might not serve your purposes. I think in most cases, getting a well built double pane vinyl window to replace older windows is enough.

One option in keeping with this less costly option (when compared with buying an actual soundproof window), is to one, make sure that you are getting a double strength glass and two, asking the rep selling you the window whether they can offer double strength glass in different thicknesses. Some companies offer this, others do not. Having an 1/8 glass and a 1/4 glass in the IGU is an effective way to kill more exterior noise and should add too much to the cost of the window.

My own opinion would be to toss the Daylite Max bid because the narrow frame is probably not the best for eliminating outside noises. Just my own take on it.

Don - Site Editor - July, 2016

Best Soundproofing Windows

What are the best soundproofing windows that aren't incredibly expensive to buy?

Donnie - Homeowner - from January, 2016

Site Editor's Reply

Donnie, there are lots of options out there. Probably the least expensive option is to keep your existing window and use the equivalent of a storm window, which fits into the same frame as your existing window. With the Indow brand insert, for example, the insert is placed inside your existing window and once properly installed, it looks pretty seemless (in most cases, depending on the color options).

The biggest factor that kills outside sound is the space between your window panes. So adding another pane that is separate from your existing windows creates a gap that will deaden alot of the sound that is coming through your old windows. Indow makes a special noise window that is a bit more expensive than their standard insert, but it will help to deaden more sound.

The best thing about this option is the price, think $35 per square foot as opposed to perhaps $70 to $100 per square foot for a full replacement. Of course, your existing windows have to be good enough to warrant going this route. Also, as I mentioned before, their are some aesthetic issues that could arise. Indow has addressed alot of these but it doesn't mean that you will love the look. In most cases, once the Indow window is installed, you can't tell that it's an insert. Certainly something to check out.

Don - Site Editor - from January, 2016